Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Cheap plans to celebrate New year’s eve


Cheap plans to celebrate New year’s eve

New Year's Eve has to be one of the most expensive nights of the year. Tickets to fancy events usually cost hundreds of dollars, bars and restaurants inflate their prices  Saving money on NYE doesn't have to mean sitting at home and doing nothing. There are other ways to have a good time without taking any small loan.

Sure, you'll have to shell out some cash, then everything on this list is reasonably priced, while still super fun and actually worth staying up until midnight for. If you get a little creative, you can find lots of cheaper options that will help you create lots of memories

Ice Skating

If you don't mind the colder temperatures, find an ice skating rink nearby that's open on New Year's Eve and go for it. Ice skating is such an adorable winter activity, and there's something really special about it at night. Most rinks are relatively inexpensive, too.

Game Night


If you don't want to throw a party, don't want to go out, but also don't want to do nothing, consider a game night! Invite a few friends or family members over for after-dinner games  and offer some interactive game options like Headbands. Or, do something old-school, like charades. It's a lot of fun and not too expensive, especially if you already have the games.

Go to Bar or club

On New Year's Eve, most bars and clubs abandon their drink specials for expensive cover charges and pricey tickets — and sometimes, you can't even get in if you don't pay, or drink if you don't spend the money on the open bar. But a local dive bar? They most likely won't be overcharging customers on Dec. 31. Go to one you feel comfortable at with a few friends, and bring the party — for much less expensive drinks.

Wine Night at home

If a few of your friends also don't have plans or are trying to save money, No worries. Skipping the alcohol on New Year's Eve will probably save you a lot more money than you think., . You guys can get a few big bottles of wine for super cheap, and laugh/dance the night away on your own. You'll save the money you would have spent on an outfit and over priced drinks, and you'll feel comfortable all night. then go out a little tipsy. Your wallet will thank you, and you'll also thank yourself the next day, when you're not miserable from a hangover.


Wine Night With Friends

This New year if you want to celebrate with your friends then you can go with your friends for a drinking Wine, vodka, Beer or something interesting which you want to take with your friends. and you can enjoy your new year 2019.

Local Fireworks Show

There are few things more magical than watching fireworks explode in the sky as you count down to 10 on midnight. Firework shows are usually free, so going to one nearby should cost you next to nothing. And if the local show by you isn't free, find a close spot outside where you can still see them from afar. Put some hot chocolate in a mug, bundle up, and make midnight extra sparkly.