Monday, 19 November 2018

How to celebrate New Year at home?


How to celebrate New Year at home?

New year Some people spend the night packed into Times Square to admire the dropping ball in person, while others buy tickets for over-the-top New Year’s bashes where everyone dresses to the nines and dances all night long. Others still prefer an intimate night in or dinner at a nice restaurant. All of these options are fun, but they either miss the group element of a party or cost a big amount of money.

This time around, ring in the new year right by hosting a fabulous party at home that you and your friends will never forget.

Choose a New Year’s Eve party theme that you feel excited about.

Make sure you absolutely love the theme you’re choosing since you’ll be the host or hostess. Being enthusiastic about your theme will drastically increase the party in your planning.

  • Decide who you want to invite.

Write down who you’d like to invite so you can get an idea of the size of your party, along with how many invites you’ll need to order. This tip will keep you organized and on track with what you’ll need to buy for your party down the road.

  • Choose a space to host your party

Now that you’ve got your mind made up on a theme and you have a guest list set, you can decide if you want to host your party at home or at a venue. If you’re looking for a more intimate party with family and friends, opt for a celebration at home so you can save money. If you’re hosting more than 50 guests, you should look into affordable venues that are local and easy to access.

  • Send party invitations three weeks in advance.

Choose New Year’s Eve party invitations that match your theme and send them early so guests can RSVP during the busy holiday season. Don’t forget to include pertinent information or details about themed dress codes or costume requirements on your invites. Consider a similar card style to your New Years cards for consistency.

  • Decide on a budget for food and drinks.


Now that you’ve got your theme, guest list, and invitations squared away, you can set a budget that covers all your party needs and wants. Since this is New Year’s Eve, you’ll want to offer a nice selection of drinks and serve foods that are easy to eat.

  • Find unique decorations  to your party style.

Since New Year’s Eve parties are all about making your theme as entertaining as possible, you should begin looking for themed decorations and planning out DIY projects in early December. You may have to browse the web a bit to find the decorations that are specific to your theme so an early start isn’t a bad idea.

  • Host games or activities  for entertaining.

Don’t forget to host 1-2 games or activities that keep your guests in good spirits. Whether you’re looking to have attendees guess each others’ New Year’s resolutions or play a game of dictionary, games are always a win at any party.