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What is the Importance of Dragon in Chinese new year?


Importance of Chinese new year dragon

Dragon is a symbol of China, and is an important part of Chinese culture. Chinese dragons symbolize wisdom, power and wealth, and they are believed to bring good luck to people. Every Chinese New Year 2019 Parade ends with a Dragon Dance. The parades start on New Year's Day and continue for the next fifteen days until the end of the festivities with the Lantern Festival.  The Dragon Parade is a highlight of the festivities.

The Dragon represents wisdom, power, and wealth and a very important aspect of Chinese Culture. It is also said that the Dragon Dance performed on New Year's Day scares away the evil spirits and all the bad luck with them. During the Dance, a dozen or so performers hold the dragon up on poles. They raise and lower the Dragon making him "dance" as they wind through the masses to the sounds of horns, drums and gongs.

How to make Chinese new year Dragon Costume dress?

The dragon costume on New year 2019 Chinese used for a dragon dance is made of materials like grass, bamboo, paper, and cloth. Odd numbers of the dragon’s joints are regarded as auspicious, so people often make a 9-jointed dragon, an 11 jointed dragon, a 13 jointed dragon, or even a 29 jointed dragon. Dragons made of more than 15 joints are too heavy to dance, and are mainly used for display on Chinese Happy New Year 2019 Dragon Dance, so this kind of dragon puts more weight on decoration and boasts a high degree of both craft and technology.

Chinese Perform new year dragon dance

How Chinese Perform new year dragon dance?

  • The dragon body is woven in a round shape of thin bamboo strips and covered with a huge red cloth with dragon scales decorating it so dragon dance is perform on new year 2019 is little bit difficult. The whole dragon is usually up to 30 meters in length  and people hold rods every 1 to 2 meters to raise the dragon segments. Another kind of dragon, called the 'Fire Dragon', is very eye catching at night, because candles or oil lamps are suspended inside it. Thin bamboo strips are woven into several cylinders, making up the body of the dragon, and covered with beautiful transparent cloth the skin of the dragon. At night it looks like a dragon full of fire. Usually 10 people are needed to carry a dancing 9-meter southern dragon for New year's Event. Since the southern dragon dance does not focus on flexible movements, the dragon can be made 20 meters long, 100 meters, or even 1,000 meters long . The size of the dragon head is made according to its length
New year dragon king temple dance

What is New year dragon king temple dance?

  • The dragon body used for the dragon dance is usually placed in a local 'Dragon King Temple', and only on the Chinese New year day of the dragon dance can it be taken out, accompanied by local people holding banners and flags, pounding on drums, and blowing trumpets. People connect the head and the tail of the dragon to its body, and hold a ceremony of eye-pointing. A person holding a rod with a big ball at the top leads the dragon during the Happy New Year Dragon dance. The ball is moved left and right, back and forth, up and down, and the dragon follows the ball. Its body, moving in waves, appears to be dancing.



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