Friday, 4 January 2019




Is not love about Saint Patrick's day? People are drunk, they excuse their shirts, and try to kiss a bunch of strangers. For all the festive green organizations that are out of the show on March 17, there are just as many invasive St. Patrick's Day T-shirts that rolling their eyes in the nervousness of most people. I mean, come on. truth?

Do not get me wrong because
  • I love this holiday. 
  • I love to refuse my Irish roots. 
  • I love Guinness and how it tastes like the perfect adult combo of coffee, milkshake, and root beer. 
  • I love music 
  • I love clover, 
  • I love the color green looks good on everyone.
I do not, however, need love to encourage catcalling it completely, people who are ridiculous to say, "Kiss me, I am Irish" And their pants, or t-shirts companies need to pretend that the more horrible part of this holiday will not die. I am clear. You can buy whatever you want to buy, we wear whatever you want to wear, and laugh whenever you think that something is ridiculous. All I am saying, can we not do better than this?
This is historic cultural day not more qualified. We are talking strange t-shirts, I do not know, can’t really come up with ridiculous?

Here's the worst t-shirt on the day of St. Patricks day.

  • Irish You Were Naked

Well, Irish you didn't have to come out and ruin perfectly good holidays with your terrible sense of humor, but that didn't happen either, bro.
  • Kiss Me I'm Wasted

I don't like the "kiss me" part of this. If it said something like, "I'm drunk and, for the moment, totally into you," then cool. That would be more of an empowering sexual declaration than this one that seems like a go-ahead for predators.
  • He's My Lucky Charm

The problem with this one is the store itself. There aren't any "She's my lucky charm" shirts for the guys. It's just shirts for girls about their male counterparts and shirts for boys about how wasted they plan to get.
  • Dublin D's

Because if you're a woman, all you are is a holder for boobies. Cool.
  • The Name Shirt

The fact that this gives anyone even a remote chance of being called "Slutty O'Legspreader" is a bummer. Zero stars.
  • I Love Drunk Girls

Yeah, well. No one loves you back, creep.
  • Irish Princess

There's no "Irish Prince" or "Irish King." Just a princess. So I guess if you're a girl, you get to be a princess, and that's all.

Some special St. Patrick’s day shirt

  • Irish Saint Patrick's day shirts for parade

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  • Cool St Patrick's Day shirt for girls  

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