Sunday, 28 April 2019

12 Jay Shetty Friendship Quotes

You must have a person in your life who offers support when everything goes wrong, celebrate every joyous moment with you and always remind that he is with you no matter what. We call them friends for life and we can rely upon them on every high and low. May be you were not in touch for months together but the magic of the moment you met stupid  BFF, remains untainted. You may see your bestest friends once a year or even lesser than that but you never forget to share your emotions, lows and highs, love and madness even when your amazing friend is far away. Here are some friendship quotes for you to share!

It becomes extremely painful for us to bid farewell to our family and friends or to know that we are losing friends or letting go a special friend who constantly motivates us and gave meaning to life. You may come across your perfect soul mate in high school, college or longtime friends and you develop a loyal, honest, wonderful and strong bond by spending time together, drinking, being together in travel and adventure. Losing a friend who has been there in both bad times and good time, seeing him turn into an enemy is so painful that it snatches the purpose of our lives.

Being just friends with someone often turns into love, those silly hangouts are transformed into special dating and you see your 4 am friend turning into your lover whom you share your good times and your entire life with that person who has been always there to stand by your side. It’s sad to see how sometimes our best friends turn fake, sarcastic, jealous and 2 faced; we could hardly make out the true reason behind it yet some of our favorite and crazy childhood friends turn into an enemy and it becomes really hard in letting go and bid good bye to them.

Someone who has never had girl best friends or guy best friends would never be able to understand the true significance of the positive support they give when they laugh, cry, gossip, dance and party with us all time and that we are really blessed to have a confidant whom we can trust.  Losing a friend and missing cute friends is a sorry sight and you can definitely be able to find a best friend by being one. Back stabbing dear friends or being jealous of their success and hurting them purposely can lead to losing friends.